Bathroom 05


The blue and red color contrast on a basically white background make this image. Each side fights for attention and therefor this image has two focal points. One of the key insights in composition techniques is: One focal point means “Dominance”, two focal points “Tension!”

Have a great week-end with you camera! 

Bathroom 04


I turned my attention to the shower know and photographed it a few times. I looked at the images and did not like them. Then I used my spay bottle and sprayed water on it to make it look like right after someone took a shower and vola, I got the image I was looking for. Creating great images means: To prepare the subject, choose the proper background, know your camera to expose according to your vision and post process to refine the image!

Enjoy and happy image making!

Bathroom 03


This is the toilet brush container and brush. This image could be easily seen as a cup, lid and straw. This makes it interesting to me. This images is also a so called high key picture, meaning that this image consists of more than 95% of white or near white colors. 

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Bathroom 01

It is good to start with photographic exercises again after the winter break. Since it is winter I decided for an indoor challenge. Create five interesting images inside your bathroom. This exercise will challenge you to maneuver your camera in a tiny place especially when you are using a tripod like I usually do. You will also have to deal with light issues. Some bathrooms don’t even have an outside window or the window is small. As always, enjoy this exercise!


I photographed the parts of the shower door and the outside window. Since I used a wide open lens focusing on the shower door I blurred the outside window.