Food 01

Photographing food is not an easy task and not everyone can create images that make the viewer want to eat what he/she sees in an image. I suggest we start this project easy by photographing your daily meals for a week. Have fun with this exercise!


Our dinner salad. I photographed this image using a single umbrella light which was positioned right above the salad bowl. Enjoy and bon appetite!

Curved lines 01

Curves are an important element in image design. This weeks exercise is about curves that divide the image in two parts and therefore create tension. The idea is to let the eye wander from one part of the image to the other. I could have also used straight lines which is a lot easier exercise. By using curves lines the photographer has to look harder to find and to create such an image.


This image is a good example of a image where the curved curved line divides the image into two parts. The wall is a real obstacle. You see the beginning of an shopping card and you can imagine that there is a pharmacy on the left. You would like to see more but the wall is right in your face.Notice the great amount of tension in this image!

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Point & Shoot 05


Of course I was curious how my little camera would perform in low light condition. I put the camera on my car roof when I took this shot. The result is quite good. The automatic picked f4.0, 1/8sec., ISO800, not a bad choice. There is hardly any noise in the image which surprised me.

After shooting a week with my little Point & Shoot I must say that all overall I am happy with with the result. Of course the image quality cannot compete with my full frame camera but for the less than $200.00 I spent on my Point & Shoot I got quite a good camera.

Point & Shoot 04


I really liked how easy it is to get close-ups with my Point & Shoot camera. Then I decided to shoot larger compositions like this tree. The camera picked f3.3, 1/30sec., ISO80. F3.3 gives you a relatively small depth of field even in a wide angle lens. The 1.30sec. is combined with an image stabilisation system and still it is too soft in my opinion. I was astonished that the tree is very well exposed. In the past I have seen the skys perfectly exposed and the tree trunk was just black. The “automatic” picked a great exposure time.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Point & Shoot 03


I was inside a “Fast Food” restaurant drinking ice-water from a paper cup. The lights were pretty poo and normally I would have not taken any pictures at all. I decided to use my Point & Shoot and got this image. There is a little bit of grain in the picture but otherwise the camera performed really well.

Enjoy and happy photographing!