Postcard 01

Create a postcard this week. The size of my postcard is 1263X1641 @300PPI. Use this setting if you would like to have your postcard printed. For the web I reduced the size to 385X500 @72PPI. You may combine one, two, three or more image and text into your composition. Again, as always, have fun with this exercise!


This is a postcard that I produced for the Chamber of Commerce and it is available in the City of Chowchilla.

Circles 03


On my photographic exercise walk I discovered this mug on the old Jeep. The lines and the circle create a beautiful contrast; so does the old jeep in comparisson to the new mug.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

By the way, since I am actively looking for circles, I see them everywhere!

Circles 02


On my exercise walk I discovered this pipe. While I was setting up my tripod and camera several people walked by and they were wondering “what the heck” I was photographing. I told them that I try to look for things that we normally overlook like this pipe.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Pets 05


This is another rescue cat. She was the busiest of all cats that I photographed, constantly moving and exploring. I love looking at her eyes and I wonder how much joy and how much suffering they have seen. Having seen and photographed mall these cats created in me a feeling compassion for them. When you see an ally cat don’t be mean to her, don’t kick her, her life is most likely rough enough. I am an image maker and I learned that the images I make also make me.

Have a great week-end!

Pets 04


I gave this image the title “trust!” This is a very young rescue cat that was abandoned and he is currently nursed back to health by one of my neighbors. We are in need of finding a good home for him. Since I started photographing animals and specifically cats I am sad how many of them went through a lot of suffering. I am shocked how cruel humans can be to animals and I am joyful having met people that care and give up sleep just to feed a little creature like this one every four hours a day.

Have a wonderful Thursday and happy photographing!