Flower 08


I photographed these Spring flowers outside right before sunset yesterday. I put the camera on a tripod, used the timer and handheld a black reflector right behind the flowers. In addition I put a frame around the image using blue as an additional colors. You decide which one you like best!

Happy photographing!


Flowers 06

Sometimes it feels that a week is not enough to photograph on a certain subject. If one wants to get good at almost anything in life one has constantly improve and practice, practice, practice. Therefor I would like to shoot flowers for a second week. If nothing is blooming in your neighborhood go out and purchase a few flowers and again practice, practice practice.


I photographed this group of flowers in Carmel, CA yesterday. I loved the red brick side-walk and used it as a background. In order to blur the background I opened the lens up to f2.8. I also underexposed the image purposely. In post production I refined my digital image using a relatively high contrast in the high key colors (white) and a softer color rendition in the low key colors. Take a close look at the white tones how the higher contrast brings out the detail in the flower.

Enjoy and keep on photographing! 

Flower 05


I saw this flower yesterday on my morning exercise walk. It was a cloudy day meaning the skies acted like a giant soft-box. I almost overlooked this flower in one of my neighbors front yard. I had perfect light, leading lines and a single subject. Great conditions for a shot.

Happy Friday and keep on photographing!

Flower 03


This image has a great dynamic. The center of the rose is on the upper right side and still my eyes normally go to the brightest spot which is on the lower left side. My eyes wander then along the circular lines to the upper right. The large dark shadow right below the center of the rose and the water drops add to the dramatic of this image.

Enjoy and happy photographing  

Flower 01

Today it is Valentine’s Day, a great opportunity to photograph flowers. Buy your loved-one some flowers and before you give them to her/him, photograph them. What a great exercise for this week!


I bought 12 roses and a friend of mine created a wonderful arrangement. I decided to start out with one rose. In order to add a nice touch to the photograph I used my sprayer to create some mist. I used one strobe light from the left, the light softened by an umbrella, and a fill in reflector on the right side.

One more tip: If you use Photoshop, duplicate the original image. Use “Gaussian” blur on the the duplicate layer to blur the image at a radius around “4 pixels” and the use “overlay” to create your image.

As always: Have fun with this exercise!