Flower Boquet

Over this past weekend, my grandmother had her 84th birthday party, and these were the centerpieces on each table. I took some photos for the event and this is one of the images I captured. I love the color variation and softened edges within the photo. The bokeh in the back makes the roses look a little like a watercolor painting. Hope you enjoy!


While in Northern California, the real Northern California (Siskiyou County) I was lucky enough to catch some blooming Dogwoods.

They’re a beautiful flower but what we call the petals are really just special leaves.

Während ich in Nordkalifornien, dem echten Nordkalifornien (Siskiyou County) war, hatte ich das Glück, einige blühende Hartriegel zu fangen.

Sie sind eine schöne Blume, aber was wir die Blütenblätter nennen, sind wirklich nur spezielle Blätter.