Springtime at the “Rogge Mountain Ranch”

Spring is nearly over! We are here (Foothills of the Sierra Nevada, USA) most likely in the last week of beautiful flowers, green and colorful grasses, and mild temperatures. The hot weather is already waiting around the corner, pushed by global warming (YES, there is man-made global overcooking ongoing!). When I first visited in 1970s from Germany, I could not get enough of the hot weather. A fact at that time fueled by often mostly rainy and cold summers in Central Europe. As you know, those days are over.

Let’s get to flowers and grasses. Enjoy!

Peace Lily (Friedenslilie)

We just had this Peace Lily blooming. So, I tried something new. I placed it in front of an old computer screen, which was turned off and unreflective black. Then, I used natural light as well as colored light to take pictures. Enjoy!

Unsere Friedenslilie hat gerade gebl├╝ht. Mal was neues probierend, habe ich die Lilie vor einem alten Computer Monitor platziert, der nicht reflektierend and schwarz war. Dann, mit nat├╝rlichem aber auch farbigem Licht habe ich die Lilie photographiert.