Hometown 10


Here is a good example how life has changed in our city. Around the shopping malls there used to be public phones everywhere. Today you only see the remnants. The cell phone made them obsolete. The newspaper stands are still here because people like to have the “real thing” in their hands.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Hometown 09

I am still not satisfied with my images. There is more to our community and I want to photograph another week in my community. I discovered that I have not photographed a single business so I challenge you and myself to photograph local businesses.


I went out early in the morning to photograph Bear Creek Galleria in Merced, located on G street.  The businesses here are suffering because G street is partially closed due to construction. 

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Hometown 07


As far as I know it is city ordinance that each front yard has to have at least one tree. This olive tree in front of one of my neighbors house presented a challenge to photograph for quite some time. Last night I went out with my sturdy tripod and photographed it at night. Camera setting: 70mm focal length on C-sensor camera, f5.6, 15sec., ISO 400.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Hometown 06


How do you make houses interesting? You doing it by overstating certain aspects of the image. In this image I “over-saturated the green colors and I allocated just about 20% space to the house. Normally the eyes go to the lightest point in the image which would be the light gray in the clouds. By over-saturating the green color the eyes are drawn to the house. In addition, the owner is standing in front of his garage. Including a person creates curiosity and people wonder who that person is. At the same time the eyes are standing on the building.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Hometown 05

After publishing my images last week I noticed that I had photographed the buildings that you could see on a postcard. Every town has those buildings but this is not the essence on your city. This week I challenge you to photograph ordinary neighborhoods. Show where the people of your city are living and develop a portrait of your neighborhood.


This is a typical street in Merced. You see the curved lines revealing that this is a newer neighborhood of Merced. Curved streets just have more curb appeal than the straight streets of the past. I was lucky that this year there are still beautiful clouds around that definitely help to create an interesting image.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Hometown 01

This week I challenge you to photograph in your hometown. Create five images that give the viewer an idea where you live.


The first shot has the purpose to establish the location.  I live in Merced, CA. In the out of focus background you see people walking on the street. The atmosphere is relaxed and reflects typical small town mentality.

Enjoy and happy photographing!