Pollard willows are a typical characteristic of the traditional dutch landscape. They were planted along ditches. The young branches were cut to provide material for basket weaving. Today few people still weave baskets. Cutting the branches is too much work and nobody bothers. When the branches are not cut they grow thicker and the trees become unstable and topple over in storms. Slowly the traditional pollard willow alleys disappear

Willows reflected in a flooded field

Visiting the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

On a little road trip after/between Covid. The first stop is the North Rim. We were lucky and got some nice, somewhat colder weather on the first day.

North Rim of the Grant Canyon

On the second day, we hiked the Kaibab Trail down towards the Phantom Ranch. Because more and more people decide to go down the trail on a mule, the trail itself is very sandy and plenty of mule dropping. The trail itself has the texture of desert sand.

Kaibab Trail overrun by lazy tourists traveling on mules.

Standing at Cape Royal (not s slot machine in Las Vegas, but an actual site along the North Rim), we could see the Colorado River down below.

Cape Royal Viewpoint down to the Colorado River

Just before reaching Cape Royal, there is a rock formation with a hole in it, called the “Angels Window”. From the right view point, the Colorado River can be seen through the Angels Window.

Cliff with Angels Window


Für mich ist das Frühjahr die schönste Jahreszeit, weil die Natur in frischen, hellen Farben leuchtet. Die Sonne scheint bis auf den Waldboden und lässt, so wie hier, den Bärlauch gedeihen. Entsprechend aromatisch duftet es auch.
For me, spring is the most beautiful season, because nature shines in fresh, bright colors. The sun shines down to the forest floor and allows the wild garlic to flourish, as it does here. Accordingly, it also smells aromatic.