A Surreal Scene

I’ve been taking a photography class for one of my fun class electives, and our most recent assignment was “envision the surreal”. This was a fun project and my idea for this image was to demonstrate how books are a form of escape and can lead us into entirely different worlds. I wanted there to be a contrast between the dark and colorless scenery in the background and the colorful landscape coming out of the book. Enjoy!

Starry Night

This is my attempt at astrophotography and I also photoshopped a moon image that I had previously taken just to make the photo a little more interesting. I’ve been trying to improve on my night photography and this is one of the first images that I’ve taken where the stars appeared more visible than my previous attempts. Enjoy!

Cotton Season

My family owns a ranch here in the Central Valley, and their cotton fields did great this year. The fields looked like a blanket of snow, and it was one of the most successful crops they’ve had in years. I captured some images of the fields before they picked the cotton, and this is one of my favorites. I love the sunset in the background, and I think this image perfectly captures the beauty of the Central Valley. Enjoy!