Wild Cabbage

While out on a search for wildflowers in our local area I came across this interesting and beautiful plant that I had never seen before. After many hours of research, I finally came up the with an identity of Calanthus Coulteri. It is a striking plant with it’s deep burgundy buds and beautiful flowers. Not prolific, I saw about 20 plants. Take a drive and see our wildflowers in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Enjoy your day.

Overlooked Beauty

It looks like my fellow photographers are preparing for our special week in the beginning of April. From April 7th – 13th we will share our very best images of Spring Flowers on this blog.

I took my morning walk and I discovered some purple flowers on the lawn. I picked a few, put them in a water bowl and photographed them backlit. I post I just added a free Topaz O’Keeffe ii filter.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!


Überall in unserer Gegend blüht zur Zeit die japanische Zierkirsche. Dieses Exemplar schmückt den Kirchhof von St. Raphael. Glücklicherweise hatten sich die Wolken verzogen , die Sonne schien und ich hatte meine Kamera dabei.

Everywhere in our region the Japanese ornamental cherry is blooming at the moment. This specimen decorates the churchyard of St. Raphael. Fortunately the clouds had disappeared, the sun was shining and I had my camera with me.


This past weekend I decided to make one last trip to the wildlife refuge for this season and was pleasantly surprised with a variety of ducks and birds that had been missing from the lineup previously from this past season. Usually, most of the wildlife has already migrated by this time. Since I really didn’t expect to find much other than the native coots. I was pleasantly surprised. These Arvocet’s napping provided just one of numerous shooting opportunities. Enjoy your day!!!

Art & Artist

Another post from our trip to Columbia. You have to look a little closer at this one. You’ll notice in the background is one of the blacksmiths, his form mimicking the artist metalwork in the foreground.

Ein weiterer Beitrag von unserer Reise nach Columbia. Sie müssen dieses etwas näher betrachten. Im Hintergrund ist einer der Schmiede zu sehen, dessen Form die künstlerische Metallarbeit im Vordergrund bildet.