Tough Times

I took this photo a week before the Creek fire swept through my family’s property by Beasore meadows. Luckily, our family cabin is still standing and unharmed. I love how the tree in this image is growing through a space between the rock. It reminds that we grow and become stronger during the toughest times of our life. Here’s to hoping that those negatively impacted by the wildfires, can find strength and fortitude during these hard times. Enjoy!

Festive Ornaments

Every year my grandmother decorates her Christmas tree with ornaments that she’s collected over the years, and ties the ends of the branches with gold bows. Each ornament is unique and they each possess their own special meaning. Even though the holiday season is coming to an end, I figured I’d still share this image before the new year. Enjoy!

Tree Rings

As I walked around the grounds of my family’s cabin, I noticed a pile of firewood stacked up very neatly and from afar it didn’t look like anything special. However, I framed the image to only focus on the rings of the wood and I thought this picture turned out beautiful. It’s simple but it reminds me of autumn and warm fires and all things comforting during the cold seasons. Happy Fall!