Sunflower in the Fall – Cell Phone Image

Currently I am trying to earn to photograph properly with my cell phone. My first obstacle is that my phone takes images in a 4:3 format. I actually prefer the 3:2 of my camera. Of course I also miss all the manual control but I am adjusting. On this images I added a circular polarizer to my cell phone camera to bring out the clouds real strong. In post I added an art filter. Enjoy!

Shaped by the Elements

I photographed this tree at Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. The tree was shaped by the elements and depends totally on the elements. I converted the image to black and white to create more drama. In addition I used the natural and imaginary lines to emphasize the tree trunk. Enjoy!

This is the colored version of the image. Which image do you like better and why?

High Sierra Nevada in May

Spring in the High Sierra Nevada means melting snow and the beginning of plant growth. I photographed this small creek at about 9000 feet. Normally it is a very small creek but currently the water is just gushing down. The bushes in the front are just beginning to grow new leaves and the mountains in the background are still partially snow covered.