Just in one Day – Photos from Nov. 18, 2021 – taken at the Rogge-Mountain-Ranch

Just in one Day …, Tule Fog fills the San Joaquin Valley, as is typical for the season, but once in a while mountain ridges turn into islands in the sky amidst the fog ocean.

Island in the Sky

Just in one Day …, the setting Sun casts magic colors over the Valley.

Sunset’s Magic Colors

Just in one Day…, we could observe the longest Lunar Eclipse in 580 years. Not that the duration of the Eclipse did matter to me. Rather, those clouds were playing around, leaving once in a while an open gap to observe the Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse – Night of Nov. 18, 2021

Hiking up to the Vernal Falls, Yosemite NP

On the trail, along the Merced River, there are many waterfalls. This photo was taken with a Nikon 750.

The next two photos were actually taken with the iPhone Xmax, using the Lightroom app with the Long Exposure setting, where the camera is taking very quickly multiple photos and then “noodles” those together.

iPhone Photo – Lightroom App – Long Exposure

Whoever has been to the Vernal Falls knows that the iPhone decided on its own to extend the waterfall to the left… looks good!

iPhone Photo – Lightroom App. – Long Exposure Setting

Past Glories – Golden Glasses and Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow (1911 – 1937) was a famous actress and played in numerous films in her 10 years long career. In her time, she created a sensation with the now rather outdated line: “Would you be shocked if I put on something more comfortable? ” in Hell’s Angeles (1930), a film directed and produced by Howard Hughes. No, it was not a movie about motorcycling roughnecks, rather about two bombing pilots fighting about … a woman, Jean Harlow.

Past Glories … Golden Glasses and Jean Harlow

Reflections – Merced River – near Snelling

Last week, in the middle of October, I drove by the Merced River after passing through Snelling. Yellow flowers are at full bloom along the river banks and still little is to see of Autumn. The river surface looked calm, reflecting clouds and vegetation alike.

Reflections along the Merced River near Snelling

Please wake the Ghost Train

Back in Europe, I traveled often by train. Even now, when going overseas on summer vacations, I am always marveled by the slick high speed trains traveling through Europe and Asia. Just simply cool and highly energy efficient. Well, I am in the US since 1987 and never boarded a train. So, I really wanted to change that. After all, global warming is indirectly smoking up California each summer, and some say, California and the US are the leading power towards a carbon neutral paradise, at least that is what we are told.

So, I though a train trip from San Luis Obispo (SLO) to San Francisco (SF) would be cool. It’s a train line with a lot of history, nice scenery, along the coast and coastal mountain range. So, here are my research results: The distance is just 200 miles, or 320 km. There is only one train that goes through without changing over, either to another train or bus. It takes 6hrs and 19 min and costs $45 for one way, but leaves SLO at 15:35 and arrives in SF at 21:54. There is another train/bus combination that leaves early in the morning at 6:55, but arrives after 15hrs and 23min, at 22:18 in SF and it costs $95. Ohh, that ain’t the future in smooth transportation! I guess, I keep on refraining using the train in California and look forward to a high speed train ride abroad that would take only 45 min or so for the same distance.

The speedy train that only takes a little over 15hrs for the 200 miles.

Dear train ghost, please awaken the old steam engines that could travel at 100 miles/hour already 100 years ago!

High Speed Steam Engine Ghost