Colors and Possibilities

More about downtown Merced. I still can’t believe how many life stories, beauty, and charming decay speak from all corners … just walking for two hours along a hardly 1 Mile long stretch of old downtown, I collected stories and little impressions to generate posts here for weeks to come…

Already, the first two upscale hotels in renovated old buildings cast their shadows to the future to come, will it be gentrification? How will it impact the people calling this old downtown of past glory their home base? Until then, I feel the urge to freeze some of the life stories unfolding and imprints visible all over. Today, my photo is about the possibilities shop windows can provide to create colorful impressions. Playing with color fuels our imagination. Don’t you think so? Enjoy!

Bag your Savings…

Yesterday, I went together with two others photographing street life in Merced, California. My first real attempt in street photography. I was surprised how many interesting daily life situations walked in front of my camera.

Bag your Savings….

If all you have is few bags….should I try to ask people for their life story?

Indeed, Bijox, the little valuable things….

Yosemite Park – First Visit of the Year – 2021

Although Yosemite Park is my next-door neighbor, I have not been there this year. Friedhelm suggested to visit the park. First, we stopped by some waterfall. Naturally, it’s too early to have the mighty roaring falls.

Next, we were hiking in knee-deep snow along the Merced River and trying to capture the reflection of the nearby trees in the water.

From the same location, we could see the rocky valley walls lifting up to a line of trees.

Also, the beautiful mountain top was shining in the afternoon sunlight.

Next, we went to the Horsetail waterfall. Apparently, around this time of the year, the sun, just before setting, casts the waterfall into a yellow glow. Here, an image one hour before sunset, everything looked fine, but clouds were moving in.

Well, the clouds moved in and obscured the sky. The sun went down. But, just a bit after that, the clouds broke open just a bit and the red light from the sunset illuminated the waterfall. I have not seen this phenomenon before and although it can be easily explained by physics, it surely was a magical moment. Friedhelm got the same image standing close by. Here, the Nikon version of it.