Creative Blur 05


I photographed the blossoms of a bush totally out of focus. The almost white spots in the image are the remnants of the blossoms. The leaves are still recognisable. I duplicated the image and slightly used the radial blur in Photoshop. I combined the two layers using the overlay mode at around 70%.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

Creative Blur 04


I photographed a group of mushrooms growing on a tree stump. I purposely shot out of focus. In Photoshop I duplicated the layer and applied the Solarization effect of Nik Color Efix Pro to even more abstract the image. Then I combined the two layers using the Luminosity effect at around 40% in Photoshop.

Enjoy and keep on creating great images!

Creative Blur 02


During my morning walk I came across a group of California Poppies. I through them out of focus and got this image. When you do this images you will discover very quickly that you have to look for colors not structure. A black and white photograph does just the opposite, it throws colors out to emphasise the structure of an image.

Enjoy and keep on creating interesting images.

Creative Blur

There are many ways to blur an image. You can put a little bit onto you filter, you can shoot through certain glasses or plastic or you can through your subject out of focus. For the next two weeks I ask you to create blurred images and let’s see what we will come up with.


As you can see this image is focuses correctly. I achieved the blur by simply overexposing the clock on my microwave.

Enjoy and as always be creative and have fun with your camera!

Shadows 15

We are going into the second week to create shadows.


This image some reminds me of a dental x-ray. I created it using a plastic bottle that I filled with water. Then I used a barn-door strobe to shoot through the bottle. The structure on the bottle created this shadow.

Keep on photographing and try out new (and sometimes weird) ideas!