In the Round 05

Normally, when photographing around a subject I look for contrasts colors. I photographed a subject with just one dominant color, a young tree surrounded by other trees. I created contrast in a different way. I used layer modes that lightened the subject and darkened the background. This contrast made it possible to create this image.

Enjoy and keep on working on your images!


In the Round 01

This weeks exercise is inspired by two photographers, Pep Ventosa and Stephen D’Agostino. Simply speaking, Pep Ventosa walked around a subject and took several exposures which he combined in post production to a impressionistic looking images. Take a look at D’Agostino’s description of the “in the Round images” ¬†

It is important that you find a subject that you can walk around at least partially. I did a full circle around this fountain photographing it. Secondly, when you overlay your images you need to work with your opacity. So far I used opacity levels in the range of 6-50 or so.

Experiment and enjoy!

Flash 07

Late Saturday afternoon I was photographing in Yosemite Valley when i saw a young photographer photographing Yosemite falls with a pop-up flash. I thought, do you have any idea how far your flash can reach? I thought I try to test my little Meike 320 walk-around flash. I removed the diffuser, set the lens to f3.5 and the ISO setting to 800. This is what I got. Not bad! Enjoy and keep on photographing!