The Garden Dwarf Traveling (Gartenzwerg auf Reisen)

Dwarfs, although loved by kids, like in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, are often associated in Germany as being a bit single minded and backwards thinking. Europe is just too progressive these days for the Gartenzwergs, so they love coming over here where being backwards is the new trend… (BTW, I found this “Gartenzwerg” in an antique store in Cayucos.)

In this photo he finds the California nights with all its local mountain stars just so cool…

Recently, he traveled with Friedhelm, David, and Photoshop over to Columbia, the old Gold Digger Museum Town. He was thrilled dreaming of the good old mining days, digging up coal and minerals. He also liked the gold digging, but never got rich doing it…

Visiting Yosemite Park – Moonbow

Last Tuesday, we were blessed with the “Strawberry Moon”, (aka June’s Supermoon) that is especially bright. Friedhelm, Tom, and myself spent a great part of the night at the park, enjoying moonlit vistas.

Yet, it took until past midnight to see the moonbow. First, we waited at the lower Yosemite Fall, just to make time go by, here a photo where we can see the moonlight slowly reaching down to the water fall.

Finally, the time was right….

Moonbow Lower Yosemite Fall

After we got a couple of good photos, off we went to another location in the park, next to the church, from which we got a great view of the upper Yosemite Fall.

Moonbow Upper Yosemite Fall

Before leaving, I got to take a photo of the church in our back, just to prove that it was indeed well after midnight.