Cell Phone Part 4 03


I was crious how my cell phone camera would handle night shots.  shot this image at ISO1500, f1.8, 4.5mm, 1/30sec. exposure time. The noise was ovwerwhelming. I ran the image through two noise reductions programs. As a result I lost quite some detail and there is still considerable noise in the image.

Enjoy and see how your camera handles night scenes!


Cell Phone Part 4

My cell phone stopped working and I had to purchase a new one. This is a great opportunity to see how much the camera systems have improved over the last two years. I was actually quite impressed because my new phone creates dng files which opens up great opportunities for editing. In addition it has some manual control. The ISO can be set to ISO 50 which is amazing. Only my full frame camera has an ISO setting of 50!

So I invite you to use your phone and photograph. You have it with you anyway. So when you see something interesting go and photograph it.


While walking the dog this morning I saw the red green contrast and I snapped this image. I loaded it on my computer and created this image. Not bad for a cell phone image.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!