Young Fox

We live next to a piece of property where there are some old uninhabited buildings. This makes a perfect place for some of our local critters to get shelter and raise families. Because we keep water out for our animals, we often have thirsty guests. And some of them get curious and you will see one sitting on a rock or behind a bush watching what we are doing. My son will talk to it and it will cock it’s head and appear to be listening. We don’t mind having them around because they don’t bother domestic animals and are great rodent hunters going after mice, gophers, rats and ground squirrels of which we have plenty. Have a great day and stay healthy!

A Common Sight

I believe this is called a Common Media. It shows up towards the end of the Lupine bloom and makes for a beautiful sight when you see a field of them blooming together. But you have to catch them early because the grasses quickly start to turn brown and the Lupine and other blooming flowers all start to die as spring leaves us and summer takes over. Have a wonderful weekend and stay healthy.

Happy Earth Day

This beautiful orb that we live on never ceases to amaze me. No matter how hard we try to destroy it, it tries to resist any way it can. The above picture was taken about 2 years after after a major wildfire devastated everything in this particular area. The picture shows just one of the ways the earth continues to fight by regenerating itself. I love this world we live in that provides us with the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and the beauty we see. I would like to think that it will be able to continue to provide these necessities for life for the generations following us. And if we can get all the countries in the world to participate in protecting the environment, maybe it can. I pray that we are not too late. Enjoy your weekend and stay healthy and Happy Earth Day!

Rain Drops

Our challenge this week was pictures of rain. Not an easy subject anymore because there just isn’t much of it around! I tend to shoot flora and fauna. Some of my favorite subjects. But anything looks pretty when covered in raindrops.This particular wildflower is a Clarkia, and there are several different varieties that bloom in our area of the mountains. Have a wonderful weekend and stay healthy and pray for rain or snow!