Yosemite Ducks

These girls were up in Yosemite on the Merced River. The Common Merganser like most ducks in the park is not really a common sight. You are more likely to see a Mallard or a Canadian goose and not many of those. Val and I had the opportunity to see a mom Merganser and her babies up by Mirror Lake, all riding on her back . Those opportunities are rare and I feel fortunate to be part of the experiences. Have a wonderful day and stay healthy.

Milky Way

An area of photography that I enjoy but only dabble in is astro-photography simply because of the cost of the equipment needed and the knowledge and experience needed to do it justice. But when done correctly with the proper equipment the results can be “otherworldly” and extraordinarily beautiful. I’m working on the experience part but have a long way to go. The equipment? I’ll have to learn to improvise with what I have because that stuff is really expensive! Enjoy your day and stay healthy.


The building where maintenance and repairs were done on trains used to be called a roundhouse. Some of them had a turntable inside so they could maneuver the locomotives and cars into position for easy parking for storage or work in one of the open bays. I also think it might have kept the tools and large equipment more centrally available for mechanics. This roundhouse is located in Jamestown Ca at the Railtown Historic Museum. It is still in active operation and maintains and restores their antique train equipment. It remains open through private funding and a wonderful group of volunteer’s after the state closed it down a few years ago. The park offers train rides during the summer, and a Polar Express ride in December. Enjoy your day and stay healthy.


Last weekend we had a wildland fire that started and followed a path that took it through many areas of beautiful, scenic country. While not quite as majestic as the higher elevations, the lower Sierra-Nevada foothills have their own sense of peace and beauty and I truly enjoy visiting them. I was sad when I learned that the fire had burned through many of these areas. Please stay safe this weekend and enjoy life. Stay healthy everyone.