Delphinium Wildflower

These are the delicate little blooms of the quite pretty Ranunculacea variety of Delphinium. It appears to be much smaller than it’s dark purple cousin that is more common in our area. Unfortunately both varieties are quite toxic and can be deadly if ingested by livestock such as cattle, sheep, horses and other grazing animals. It grows wild in our county and can be a bane to ranchers. Have a wonderful day and stay healthy.


Every spring I try to get out to take pictures of the Dogwood. This year instead of focusing on Yosemite, I decided to look in some of the areas I have been exploring this past year, the Sierra National Forest. I came across this gorgeous specimen. It was located in a valley that was densely shaded and moist. A couple of ray’s of sunlight managed to break through the canopy and provide the perfect lighting for this young bloom. Dogwoods add beauty to wherever they chose to call home. Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day. Stay happy and healthy.

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars are one of my favorite plants. They are usually found in abundance at the higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada where you will find fields of them after the snow melts. but are uncommon in the foothills. I am not sure if they are two different varieties. When I do see them in this area, it is usually just a couple of plants and chances are they are mixed in with tall grass so are not easily seen. Enjoy and stay healthy and have a wonderful day.


This week’s blog assignment is old cars. While waiting for someone to do business with a local wrecking yard I decided to do some exploring and came across this little gem. As someone who has helped in the restoration of project cars and trucks, I could see the potential in this little guy. It is a 1950 (or thereabouts) Chevy. I hope it has since found a home. I finished this with a high contrast/high key look to give it more interest. I hope you are all enjoying this spring weather. Stay healthy.

Foothill Spring

This photo was taken in the lower foothills of Madera County. Always beautiful in the spring with the rolling hills filled with Golden Fiddleneck’s and “popcorn flowers” and small streams gently flowing everywhere. So peaceful and beautiful. Enjoy you day and stay healthy. And work on getting your covid shot. Let’s beat this thing!

Mariposa Sunsets.

This is a view I pass every time I travel to town. It’s one of the advantages of living in a mountain community. I never tire of the nature around me. Sometimes the views are just a little more spectacular than others. Again, my favorite time to head out with my camera, no matter where I am. Spectacular sunsets can change even the dullest or ugliest landscapes into something of bauty. Stay healthy everyone!!!