When thoughts turn to majestic birds, the Osprey usually doesn’t come to mind. Almost as large as a Bald Eagle, it is a striking bird, especially when flying with its coloring. Dark on top with a white body and wings on the bottom that taper from white to dark wingtips and a head that is primarily white with bold black strips. It is a fish raptor and lives and nests near bodies of water including lakes at high elevations, and the northern and central pacific coast. This picture was taken at at about 8000 ft in the Sierra Nevada. Enjoy your day!!!!!!

Northern Harrier

Wile visiting a wildlife refuge recently I spotted this female Northern Harrier resting in some reeds. They are very striking birds, and normally very shy. This one appeared more cooperative than usual and I was able to get a few sharp shots. They have a ring of lighter colored feathers around their face and a a group of white feathers at the base of their tail, that is quite visible when in flight. Enjoy!


Wishon Reservoir is located in the Western Sierra Nevada at an elevation of 8500 ft. The fishing is great and there is also a lot of wildlife. The area also backs up to the John Muir Wilderness complete with trailheads. A gorgeous area but what area isn’t gorgeous in the high sierras? Enjoy the Super Bowl!