White-tailed Kite

The white tailed kite is a raptor that is more common in the central valley and along the coast. It is very acrobatic and has the ability to hover in place when hunting . It is probably closer in size to a falcon then a red-tailed hawk, and slimmer but the distinct coloring and ability to hover makes it easy to identify. A very pretty bird and enjoyable to watch in flight. Stay healthy.

Normal vs Covid19

Our challenge this quarter was to record normal life in our town or city. Life is anything but normal in our town right now with the number of covid cases growing daily. The only thing I could find semi-normal was the need for food. Whether it is just staples or weekly shopping, we all need to eat. But now there is also a need to comply with safety measures to just step into the store. To maintain life requires food. That will always be normal. But the way we have to get that food now……..not so much.

Star of Bethlehem

Some call this the Star of Bethlehem. In actuality it is two planets, Jupiter and Saturn, in their orbits around the sun that brings them very close to each other. This only happens every 800 years, so I felt very blessed to be able to witness this event. This is a view across the San Joaquin Valley, a distance of about 70 miles from where i was standing. It was covered in a heavy fog. The dark area above the fog and below the clouds is the coast mountain range. The areas of fog that are lit up are lights from the cities and towns and ranches underneath. I wish you all Peace and Joy, Love and Good Health now and in this coming year.

Rustic Life

I came upon this small cabin sitting far back in a meadow. The sun had just gone down behind the mountains so daylight was quickly fading. What caught my eye besides the beautiful and colorful setting, was that the porch light was on. This was a small porch light with an incandescent bulb. I am accustomed to seeing large LED yard lights that light up the world. This was off of a dirt logging road that only the adventurous aka brave travel in a very rural part of our county. It was a little unexpected so far from anyone or anything. Kind of a welcome beacon. And it completed the setting setting. Stay healthy!!!

Yosemite Foot Bridge

A few days before the first real storm of the season I went up to Yosemite. The color change in the park has been rather sporadic this fall and there was only a little color showing in this area. The fact that it was still smoky out probably affected it too. The water level is very low. This side of the bridge is only a few inches deep. The other side is mostly a huge sandbar with very little water visible. Pray for moisture. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Mountain Dogwood

I usually go looking for Dogwoods in Yosemite in the spring when it is full of beautiful white blooms, and in the fall when the foliage can turn amazing colors of green, cream, pink, and red. While out exploring some old logging roads I came across this beautiful specimen in the Sierra National Forrest. I haven’t found a lot of vivid color in Yosemite Dogwoods this year so I was happy!! Have a wonderful day and stay healthy.

Merced River

Although the colors were just starting to turn and the leaves still had more green than yellow, Yosemite never fails to put on a show. I was standing in the middle of the river on a sand bar. The river here is only a few inches deep. The whole area is in desperate need of water and with the forecasts showing absolutely no moisture in the near future, things are beginning to look a little bleak. Pray for rain in our future and and a stop to global warming! Have a wonderful day and stay healthy.