After the 4th of July Fire

Unfortunately, my Rogge Mountain Ranch got substantially burned, roughly 20 acres. Luckily, the airplanes dropped many loads of fire retardant to keep the fire away from house and home. Here are some iPhone impressions I collected a few days after the fire and some more just a few days ago.

Wildfire, the sculptor…

Wildfire causing pure devastation

Nearly untouched….

And… a new morning is rising…

Joshua Trees

Located in Southern California is a National Park that is named after the Tree that lives in this Park – the Joshua Tree.

Actually, it is not a tree but a succulent that stores water. However, it is called the Tree of the Desert and grows in many areas of Joshua Tree National Park and also in the Mojave and Colorado Desert.

On my recent trip through the South, I photographed many of these trees with its spiky leaves. And again, taking these photos in infrared was somehow difficult due to the permanent blowing wind which made a long shutter speed nearly impossible.