Depth Of Field 06

Let’s continue last week’s exercise and photograph with different aperture settings to manipulate the background and to create a depth of field that suits your subject best.

DoF 06a DoF 06b DoF 06c

I did this exercise in my backyard. My subject is the sunflower and my background my blooming lantana bush. I picked an 85mm primes lens and photographed with f1.8, f8 and f22. Which image shows the subject best?

Enjoy and keep on photographing!


Depth of Field 01

This is a great exercise for everyone who wants to get beyond the automatic setting of his/her camera. I ask you to pick a subject, set your camera on “Aperture Mode” and then take three shots of your subject using your lens wide open, halfway closed and closed down. The best way of doing this is to mount your camera on a tripod and use a smartphone, tablet or any other remote release to trigger your shutter in order to get three identical placed images. Also, try to manually focus on your subject so that the auto-focus on your camera does not change the focal point when you change your aperture setting. And last, use the same light source and setting for all three images.

DoF 01a DoF 01b DoF 01c

I used a 180mm macro lens at f4, f8 and f22. I totally controlled the camera from my tablet which was mounted on carbon fiber tripod with a heavy head to ensure stability. Now compare the three images. I manually fosucced on the center of the grape. Now compare the three images and notice the differences.

Enjoy and keep on photographing