High Sierra Nature

Hello again. I am glad to be back. This time of year I spend as much time as possible in the high country of the sierras. I love the wildflowers at those elevations. This picture was taken at approximately 7,000 ft. These plants have to be hardy to survive, as do the insects that pollinate them and keep them reproducing. It amazes me how they survive the harsh conditions at these elevations This is a Mountain Aster with a Checkerspot butterfly busily doing his job.

Wildflowers Carrizo Plains

The contrast of yellow and purple blossoms is breathtaking at Carrizo Plains located about 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles. There are no trees growing on these hills due to the very low precipitation. If there is some rain falling during the winter month the wildflowers are coming out in full bloom.

Enjoy the image and keep on photographing!

PS: During the First Full week in April all seven photographers will present there best images of Spring flowers on this blog. I am looking forward to it.