Night Sky

I took this on the road to the Mt. Shasta Ski Park in Northern California. The exposure was thirty seconds so there’s a little blurring of the stars. There were also clouds floating past but I liked the effect they had. Hope you enjoy.

Ich nahm dies auf der Straße zum Berg. Shasta Ski Park in Nordkalifornien. Die Belichtung betrug 30 Sekunden, daher verschwimmen die Sterne leicht. Es schwebten auch Wolken vorbei, aber ich mochte den Effekt, den sie hatten. Ich hoffe dir gefällt es.

Random Love

I like to show relationship in my street photography like the relationship between a human being and an animal. This image is a snapshot that I took while walking away from a country flea market. Actually I was hoping to get some interesting images at the flea market but instead I snapped my camera on my way back to the car.

Enjoy and keep on working on your images!


This image was taken at my family reunion. The family member that hosts the event has a collection of old cars that he worked on over the years. Every year I like to walk around his shop and capture images of the new cars he has on display. I liked how the tarp was covering up part of the car, revealing the front of this old classic.