Sexy Back

The “Nürnberger Bratwurst” is one of the culinary specialities in town. 3 of these sausages in a roll are sold in numerous stalls in the old town. Each has about the length of a middle finger and is not thicker than the key hole of the lock to the town’s medieval prison. While customers wait to be served, a homeless man has to collect enough change to be able to buy one.


Mit Glaskugeln, Spiegeln und Prismen kann man herrlich spielen. Immer wieder entstehen neue Effekte, je nach Beleuchtung und Blickwinkel. Auf jeden Fall eine schöne Beschäftigung für verregnete Nachmittage.
You can play wonderfully with glass balls, mirrors and prisms. New effects are created again and again, depending on the lighting and angle of view. In any case, a nice activity for rainy afternoons.