Am vergangenen Montag war ich mal wieder auf Entdeckungstour durch unser Nachbarbundesland Sachsen-Anhalt. Im kleinen Ort Flechtingen gibt es diese schöne Schlossanlage, mitten in einem See gelegen. Ursprünglich um 1307 als Wasserburg erbaut, wurde sie im 15. Jahrhundert zum Schloss umgebaut. Das Schloss ist in Privatbesitz und kann nur von außen betrachtet werden. Dafür kann man aber den riesigen Schlosspark zum spazieren gehen nutzen.
Last Monday I was once again on a discovery tour through our neighboring state of Saxony-Anhalt. In the small village of Flechtingen there is this beautiful castle complex, located in the middle of a lake. Originally built around 1307 as a moated castle, it was rebuilt into a castle in the 15th century. The castle is privately owned and can only be viewed from the outside. But you can use the huge castle park for a walk.

Chillen und posen

Mitten in Braunschweig in einem Schul- und Bürgerpark lassen es sich die Nutrias gut gehen. Für ihr Futter strengen sie sich schon mal an und machen Männchen. Ganz offensichtlich sind sie den Kontakt mit Menschen gewohnt.
In the middle of Braunschweig in a school and civic park, the nutrias are having a good time. For their food, they sometimes make an effort and make males. They are obviously used to contact with humans.


Being on a road trip there are moments where you see something interesting to photograph for a second while driving by. Whenever I am in the passenger seat, I try once in a while to take a picture right through the car window.

The first photo is an abandoned gas station close to the Monument Valley in Arizona.

Abandoned Gas Station, Arizona

Well…and there is one of my copilots “Wolfie”


Driving through Utah, frequently abandoned houses are lined up along the road. Here, an entire church. I wonder what happened…?

Abandoned Church, Utah

Visiting Goedereede in Holland

In 2017, I visited my good old friend Helmut in Holland. Aside from good food, many beers, and philosophizing about the life, the universe, and anything else through the night in his backyard, we also visited many interesting little towns. Here, a few photos made in Goedereede, a beautiful little town.

Street with history
Next to the River
An odd Church, all windows closed up