Special Place 09

A few weeks ago I photographed Angel island as my special place. I found another favorite place in the Eastern part of California in an altitude of 10,000 feet or more. There are groves of ancient Bristlecone pine trees growing for centuries. I photographed those tress and in my images I want to show the nature of these remarkable area of life.

Special Place 09

This is my first image of these trees. I selected a mountain site with a few clouds and ancient trees. Enjoy and keep on photographing!



Cell Phone Part 2 – Flowers 01

We did an exercise on cell phones back in December of 2011. During the last years cell phone cameras have gotten a lot better and more sophisticated. Apps have also been improved. So I decided to do this exercise again and I challenge you to photograph flowers with your cell phone. By the way, it is a lot easier to carry a cell phone with you than a bid DSLR with five lenses!

Cell Phone Flowers 01

I transferred the image from my cell phone and edited it with NIK plugins in Photoshop.

Enjoy and keep on photographing