Honoring Veterans #2

November 11 is Veteran’s Day in the United States. This image is from the Veteran’s Memorial at Anthem, AZ, where a ceremony is held annually on November 11, to honor veterans in all branches of the United States Armed Forces. The names of 1,750 veterans are inscribed on red bricks surrounding The Great Seal of the United States. See Honoring Veterans Post #1.

Honoring Veterans #1

This image from the Veterans Memorial in Anthem, AZ features 5 pillars honoring the 5 military branches of the United States Armed Services. Each pillar has an elliptical opening designed to allow the sun to focus on The Great Seal of the United States shown in my post Honoring Veterans #2. This occurs annually on Veteran’s Day, November 11, at 11:11 am. Amazing design!

Sunrise for Nearsighted Spider with Human perception (Sonnenaufgang für kurzsichtige Spinne mit menschlichen Augen)

If you were a nearsighted spider, during sunrise, looking towards the first sunrays seeping through tall grass … possibly, you would see your world like shown in the photo… Nehmen wir mal an, du bist eine kleine kurzsichtige Spinne. Die Sonne geht auf und du schaust durch das Grass den ersten Sonnenstrahlen entgegen … möglicherweise, das wäre deine Aussicht…

Yesterday, with David and Friedhelm in the Merced Wildlife Refuge.