Searching for the Comet Neowise

Yesterday was the day where the Comet Neowise was closest to the earth. My wife and I decided to look for the comet on a lonely country road. Looking at my star tracker on my cell phone I thought this was the perfect place. I decided to use my 14mm super wide angle lens to compose the shot. The sun had disappeared behind the mountains and the moon had risen. The comet revealed himself pretty weak on the right hand side of the image.


Milky Way over St. Catherine’s

Last night Dorothy, David and I met in Hornitos, CA to photograph the Milky Way over St. Catherine’s Church. We knew it was the end of the season and we expected some light pollution from the houses around the arae. In order to get this image I needed David’s help. He used his small flash light to light paint the church. Thank you!

Enjoy the image and keep on photographing!

Evening in Wolfsburg

I photographed the Canal and VW factory after sunset. I created three tif bracketed files from the original raw file which I combined in post production. The I used the Topaz filter to blur the water and the clouds. Then I sharpened the trees and the factory building and finally I optimized the colors.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!