Gummy Bears 04


Of course I had to shoot an image using soft light. Any additional shadow I eliminated in post production. It is important to notice how the image changes by using different light settings. This image is rather boring in comparison to the high drama images having shadows and light reflections.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

PS: I will take a beak for a week and be back on August 8, 2011.

Gummy Bears 01

This weeks exercise is about photographing Gummy Bears. Using a slash you have the capability to create shadows and light reflections of the subject. As always, have fun with this exercise!


I put the Gummy Bears on a matte 8X10 inkjet paper and used tin foil to create some sort of a snoot light. Then I experimented and took several shots. This one I liked!

Format 03




I just finished a large portrait assignment. They family looked at my proofs which I printed in a 4X6 format. They ordered a lot of 8X10, which is a 4X5 format. I struggled in a few images to get the subject in the new format. In the above sample I cut the had of completely in the square format. The subject changed with the format!

Enjoy and happy cropping! 

Format 02




I photographed the church in Bodie, CA. Bodie is a ghost-town and offers millions of opportunities for photography.

Again, study the impact of using a different format for my subject. In this series I also changed the size of the church. In the third image I enlarged the church slightly.

Enjoy and happy photographing.

Format 01

Pick any image and crop it into a 4X4, 4X5 and 4X6 format. My DSLR naturally has a 4X6 format while many Point and Shoot cameras use a 4X5 format. Study the impact the image format has on the subject of your composition.




I started out with a simple flower shot. The feeling of the subject is totally different in each format I used.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Cars 05


This afternoon I went to the store and bought this toy car. The assignment for this week did not specify that I had to photograph only “real” cars. I actually surprised myself with the idea photographing a toy car.

Enjoy and keep on having ideas and be creative with your photography!