Piedras Blancas Beach

In recent months, I have been several times to this beach that has a wonderful hiking trail (Boucher Trail), a lighthouse (Piedras Blancas Light Station), and the well known Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rockery.

Just a bit out in the ocean, not far from the lighthouse is an island called Haystack Rock. I used a 500mm lens with my Nikon D500 (750mm) to get the picture. It harbors a great number of birds and seals. Just great to look at closely.

Many different birds can be seen close by and at distance. Here just a pair of pelicans that I watched for a while. They were flying close together, swimming together, and hanging out at the beach together. I guess, they must be a couple.

Seals and the fairly large elephant seals (I guess that’s why they have their name) are enjoying themselves in the water, before coming on shore, to hang around lazily.

More … another time. In the meanwhile enjoy the photos and maybe even drive there. I think, the beaches are still open in California.

Majestic Great Blue Heron (Blauer Reiher)

While in San Luis Obispo, over the course of the last year, I have seen this Blue Heron several times catching goldfish. But, I never got a good picture until now. This time, from the inside, through the window screen, I had finally the chance to take pictures of this large beautiful bird.

Während der letzten Monate, wann immer ich in San Luis Obispo bin, ertappe ich diesen Blauen Reiher beim stehlen von Goldfische. Leider war er immer schon in der Luft, weit weg, bis ich ihn fotografieren konnte. Dieses Mal, konnte ich den Blauen Reiher vom inneren des Hauses fotografieren, durch das “Screen” des Fensters.