Gestern habe ich das schöne Wetter für eine Runde durch den Schlosspark genutzt. Der Park wird auch als Aus-und Aufstellungsfläche für Kunstobjekte genutzt, wobei ganz bewußt mit dem Kontrast zwischen alter Parkanlage im Stil englischer Landschaftsparks und moderner Kunst gespielt wird. Diese Pflanzbeete bekommen durch ihre Edelstahleinfassungen einen futuristischen Look. Das Ganze wirkt wie eine Ansammlung großer Kristalle oder Glassplitter, je nach Lichteinfall.
Yesterday I used the beautiful weather for a round through the castle park. The park is also used as a display and installation area for art objects, deliberately playing with the contrast between old parkland in the style of English landscape parks and modern art. These planting beds are given a futuristic look by their stainless steel edgings. The whole thing looks like a collection of large crystals or glass fragments, depending on the incidence of light.


Bei uns erwacht die Natur nur ganz allmählich aus der Winterruhe. Deshalb hole ich mir den Frühling in Form von bunten Blumensträußen in die Wohnung.

In our country, nature is only very gradually awakening from winter dormancy. Therefore, I bring spring into the apartment in the form of colorful bouquets.


I heard that some of you went for a street photography excursion. What a pity I could not come along. But here is one of my own favorites, from the US, August 1st, 2014. People sit on a hill in gold medal park above the banks of the Mississippi in downtown Minneapolis to enjoy the sunset. The name of the park is a reminder of the history of the place: the banks of the river were lined with flower mills. The Gold Medal mill in the background was converted into a museum. In between the landing of the Guthrie Theater stretches out towards the river. The owner of the two manicured dogs leaves just as the sun is setting behind the theater

Gold medal

Foothill Spring

This photo was taken in the lower foothills of Madera County. Always beautiful in the spring with the rolling hills filled with Golden Fiddleneck’s and “popcorn flowers” and small streams gently flowing everywhere. So peaceful and beautiful. Enjoy you day and stay healthy. And work on getting your covid shot. Let’s beat this thing!

Colors and Possibilities

More about downtown Merced. I still can’t believe how many life stories, beauty, and charming decay speak from all corners … just walking for two hours along a hardly 1 Mile long stretch of old downtown, I collected stories and little impressions to generate posts here for weeks to come…

Already, the first two upscale hotels in renovated old buildings cast their shadows to the future to come, will it be gentrification? How will it impact the people calling this old downtown of past glory their home base? Until then, I feel the urge to freeze some of the life stories unfolding and imprints visible all over. Today, my photo is about the possibilities shop windows can provide to create colorful impressions. Playing with color fuels our imagination. Don’t you think so? Enjoy!