Traveling the Past – Merced River & North Fork of Merced River

With the Gold Rush, many Travelers from many places tried their luck by digging for gold. The lucky ones, moved on to San Francisco and built beautiful expensive homes. Left are holes, closed mines, and all sorts of Environmental Leftovers. Here, a few photos taken during a recent hike up into the North Fork of the Merced River that so many people know from visiting the Yosemite Park.

Leftover Wall along the Merced River
Another Waterfall at the North Fork of the Merced River
Primitive Shelter

Fog Motion

Frequently during wintertime, the San Joaquin Valley is covered by a layer of fog. Here, I try to capture the motion of the fog climbing up into the foothills. Black and White has it’s challenges when depicting a fog or cloud layer from atop, all that white! Yet, I think, here I was able to capture the fog motion. I took several 10 sec photos and worked those in photoshop to reveal fog motion. Enjoy!

Fog Motion

Gazing through the Glass Ball

Playing with glass ball week! Well, that’s a first one for me. On the onset my thoughts were that gazing through and with a glass ball must be quite limiting. But then, I read about it, looked at a good number of photos and was finally surprised to realize that there are a multitude of possibilities to capture the world around us, without limitations or lack of creative adventures. An eye opener!

  1. Seeing the world from my Rogge Mountain Ranch

Glass Ball Play a la Pep Ventosa… kinda

Sunset at the Rogge Mountain Ranch