Earth Eater

This gigantic bagger reminds me of a Mississippi shuffle boat, making its way through the waves. Here the shuffle wheel is at the bow of the Earth Eater, which is digging for “brown coal”. At the horizon the new time of energy generation is already appearing in the shape of wind turbines. Germany has decided to step out of coal mining within our country by 2030.

More from Bombay Beach

How did the Salton Sea Riviera “Bombay Beach” got its name? Along the east side of the Salton Sea, a major railroad line exists, even today. Staying on a campground for a day, you can hear the two miles long freight trains pushing by, day and night. Rumour has it, that the rail company thought it to be cool to use exotic names for railroad stops, and so you got Bombay Beach, and a little north Mecca Beach.

Come on in ….


The Bombay Beach Estate has building after building with graffiti, visitors, and artists.


Portrait of Jennifer, a young lady working at a Cologne photo exhibition, checking the exposed art works for possible damages caused during the exhibition time. She obviously was totally absorbed by both her work and the music on her headphones, so that it took some time to get in visual contact with her. Jennifer luckily agreed to pose for me, so here is one of the nice results of this unexpected photo session.

Art at the Bombay Beach, Salton Sea

In the 1950s, Bombay Beach was called the “Salton Riviera”, with more visitors than Yosemite, some say. Since then, due to drastic environmental changes, the lake resort turned into a ghost resort. But, hold, for years more and more artists work and hang out in Bombay Beach, having an Art Biennale, last in March of 2023. Definitively, an interesting refreshing place to hang around for a bit.

Here, are some “leftovers” from the last year’s Art Festival.