Richtung 2021

Das Jahr 2020 liegt nun fast hinter uns. Was also hat diese Landstrasse mit Sylvester und dem neuen Jahr zu tun? Weil neue Jahre viel Ähnlichkeit mit dieser Strasse haben. Sie starten klar und übersichtlich, man hat seine Pläne und guten Vorsätze und man hat das Ziel schon fast vor Augen. Und doch verbirgt sich so manche Überraschung rechts und links der Strasse, oder hinter der ersten Kurve.
In diesem Sinne wünsche ich allen einen guten und gesunden Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2021.
The year 2020 is now almost behind us. So what does this country road have to do with New Year’s Eve and the new year? Because new years have a lot of similarity with this road. They start out clear and concise, you have your plans and good intentions, and you almost have the destination in mind. And yet there are many surprises to be found on the right and left of the road, or behind the first bend.
With this in mind, I wish everyone a happy and healthy new year 2021.

Star of Bethlehem

Some call this the Star of Bethlehem. In actuality it is two planets, Jupiter and Saturn, in their orbits around the sun that brings them very close to each other. This only happens every 800 years, so I felt very blessed to be able to witness this event. This is a view across the San Joaquin Valley, a distance of about 70 miles from where i was standing. It was covered in a heavy fog. The dark area above the fog and below the clouds is the coast mountain range. The areas of fog that are lit up are lights from the cities and towns and ranches underneath. I wish you all Peace and Joy, Love and Good Health now and in this coming year.