Textures 01

This week I challenge you to photograph textures. You can use almost anything to create a texture file like sand, rocks, concrete walls etc. I also ask you to apply your new texture to an image. There are many tutorials on youtube that you can watch. I like this one. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54hEQ62wHSw. As always, have fun!

Textures 1a


I photographed our old cutting board and changed the image to black and white.

Textures 1b


I applied the texture file to an image of blossoms that I took a while ago. Enjoy and keep working on this exercise.


Farmers’ Market 05

Farmers Market 05


I composed this image very carefully. The largest items in the image are the green water melons. I liked the greens in contrast to the red tomatoes which were my main subject in this composition. In order to show this I had to make the red pile of tomatoes real big and cut off part of the melons.

Enjoy and don’t forget to eat some fruits and veggies and most of all take some great images over the week-end!

Farmers’ Market 04

Farmers Market 04


When you are going to a farmers’ market you are looking for some local grown fresh produce. I had to show some of the produce like these roots. As a background I had the table and a few tomatoes out of focus which gave me a nice color contrast. I had to focus on the largest root and put it slightly out of the center of the image.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!




Farmers’ Market 01

This week I challenge you to go out to a local farmers’ market. you will find interesting people, lots of colors and some great images ready to be recorded.

Farmers Market 01


I visited the local farmers’ market on a Saturday morning. I took my small system camera instead or the relatively large DSLR. Nobody asked me what I am doing or if I am a reporter? I just had a lot of fun recording differents scenes and people shopping for produce.

Don;t forget to enjoy this exercise!