Signs 05


I found this sign in a restaurant in Benicia, CA. The light was not the greatest and I photographed at 1/15 sec. I wish the image would have been a little bit sharper but I still like it. By the way, the waitress there was very nice and friendly!

Keep on photographing!

Signs 02


These signs are interesting. The top sign is in English the bottom one in Spanish. In addition, no Government Dollars funded this sign. I talked to the Gentleman who lived right behind the sign and he told me that Rockhill Lane was hard to find and the Government had no money to put up a sign so he did it himself. After he had done it the local authorities felt embarrassed and put up a second sign.

Enjoy and keep on looking an photographing!

Negative Space 01

This is a very interesting exercise. Instead of filling as much as possible of the image frame with the subject, make the subject small and have lots of space around it. The matter of fact is, the subject, in this image the leaf, should not count for more 20% of the frame.


In order to blur the background as much as possible use your lens wide open. I shot this image with a prime 50mm lens at f2.8.

Enjoy and create great images!