Springtime at the “Rogge Mountain Ranch”

Spring is nearly over! We are here (Foothills of the Sierra Nevada, USA) most likely in the last week of beautiful flowers, green and colorful grasses, and mild temperatures. The hot weather is already waiting around the corner, pushed by global warming (YES, there is man-made global overcooking ongoing!). When I first visited in 1970s from Germany, I could not get enough of the hot weather. A fact at that time fueled by often mostly rainy and cold summers in Central Europe. As you know, those days are over.

Let’s get to flowers and grasses. Enjoy!


Der Wolf ist bekanntlich das Wappentier von Wolfsburg. Dieses Wolfsrudel aus Bronze steht seit 1981 in der Wolfsburger Fußgängerzone und wurde seinerzeit von dem (1995 verstorbenen) Bildhauer Peter Lehmann geschaffen. Und wie man auch sieht, über die Jahrzehnte blankgerieben von unzähligen Kindern, die gerne auf den Wölfen reiten.
The wolf is known to be the heraldic animal of Wolfsburg. This bronze wolf pack has stood in Wolfsburg’s pedestrian zone since 1981 and was created at the time by the sculptor Peter Lehmann (who died in 1995). And as you can also see, over the decades blank rubbed by countless children who like to ride on the wolves.


Letzte Woche habe ich das sonnige Frühlingswetter genutzt, um nach über einem Jahr wieder einmal in die Autostadt zu gehen. Und weil man nur im Park umherlaufen kann – die Pavillons sind geschlossen – habe ich nach neuen Perspektiven gesucht. Ich habe sie gefunden. Für diese Aufnahme bin ich unbemerkt auf eine normalerweise nicht zugängliche Feuertreppe gestiegen. Das zweite Foto zeigt wieder die normale Ansicht. Zwischen den Autotürmen leuchtet das Schloss Wolfsburg hervor.
Last week I took advantage of the sunny spring weather to go to the Autostadt once again after more than a year. And because you can only walk around in the park – the pavilions are closed – I was looking for new perspectives. I found them. For this shot I climbed unnoticed on a normally inaccessible fire escape. The second photo shows again the normal view. Between the car towers the castle Wolfsburg shines out.


My neighborhood was built in the first two decades of the 20th century. The building plan left lots of space for green. In the spring the display of flowers in the gardens add to the ornaments of the art deco houses. The use of bricks in different colors was typical for the time. Only the oldest houses got names