Icicle or Ice 02


I cut off the top a milk carton, filled it with water and put it into the freezer. After while the edges were frozen and the middle was still liquid. I dumped the water and took the frozen ice out of the carton and put it on a black surface. Then I took several photographs using a flash from different directions.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Icicle or Ice 01

This week exercise is about ice. In many states snow is melting during the day and forming beautiful icycle over night. If you don’t have them around you can go to your refrigerator and either grab some ice cube or freeze water in certain forms. You may also carve the ice cubes or shock them through heat and create interesting shapes and structures inside the ice. As always enjoy this exercise!


I photographed this icicle last Saturday at Kings Canyon National Park. It was raining in the valley and my daughter had the idea to go above the rain. So we went to Grant Grove at Kings Canyon where I was able to photograph these icicles.

During or shortly after the Rain 04


It was actually raining while I took this image. The meadows along the street were ponds and the clouds are hanging over the landscape. This image is very moody that’s probably why we call a “bad” day a “rainy” day. I included the road on the left hand side and while I reflected over the mood of this image I got the idea that no matter how rainy the day might be there is always a road to go.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

During or shortly after the Rain

The weather report for this week is “rain, rain, rain.” This is an opportunity to photograph either during or shortly after the rain stops and everything is still wet. Rain opens up a lot of opportunity for great images and keep in mind that many movies are recorded shortly after the rain stops. As always enjoy this challenge and watch your gear!


I photographed this street sign yesterday in Mariposa, CA. The water came down in buckets and I was standing in front of a store. Luckily there was a large overhanging which helped me and more important my camera to stay dry.