Autumn mist

In autumn, the Dutch polder landscape is often hidden in fog. But suddenly the infinite expanse of this horizontal landscape comes back. The ugly attributes inflicted by progress, such as distribution centers, skyscrapers or power lines, disappear into the fog. Even the noise of the omnipresent internal combustion engine in its various appearances appears muffled

Thank you for all the fish

This summer I went sailing around the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. Of course we went snorkeling regularly and surprisingly for such an over-touristic spot, there was loads of life under water. It is quite tricky to take pictures of fish, they usually try to get away from you, they are fast, the light is poor and it is difficult to see the camera screen under water. And the photos shouldn’t look like being taken in an aquarium. Here are some results:


Wenn man Insekten aus der Nähe betrachtet, wirken sie oft wie Aliens aus einem Science Fiction Film. Das hier ist ein Grünes Heupferd, dass gestern in meinen Blumen herumkletterte. Sie gehört zu den größten (ca. 5 cm) in Mitteleuropa vorkommenden Laubheuschrecken.

When you look at insects up close, they often seem like aliens from a science fiction movie. This one is a green grasshopper that was climbing around in my flowers yesterday. It is one of the largest (about 5 cm) grasshoppers found in Central Europe.