Dicke Hörner

Hier ein weiteres Bild aus dem Zoo Hannover. Es zeigt eines der dort lebenden Spitzmaulnashörner. Wahrscheinlich wird man diese imposanten Tiere in der Zukunft nur noch in Zoos bewundern können, da sie in freier Wildbahn durch Wilderei stark vom Aussterben bedroht sind.
Here is another picture from Hannover Zoo. It shows one of the black rhinos living there. Probably one will be able to admire these impressive animals in the future only in zoos, since they are threatened by extinction in the wild by poaching.

Sandhill Cranes at Sunset

Here’s another from the Merced Wildlife Refuge, a great place to go this time of the year. Last time I was there the geese were beginning to show up. The Sandhill Cranes were coming in in huge flights at dark. Difficult to get a good shot at a moving target when there’s very little light.

Hope you find a great photo place.