Winds of Life

This is a digital double expose. I used two image that I combined in post production. The first image is a typical Fall color image. I used an old Helios 44 lens which created a bubbly background. Then I used a 180mm macro lens to photograph water in a blender. I used a sound sensor connected to my camera that triggered the camera whenever I turned the blender on.

The idea is that the wind moves the leaves and branches and the blades move the water. The leaves are warm colored and the water cold. Different movements, warm cold color contrast and still part of the same life!

Enjoy and keep on photographing!


Trumpet Vine

When I walked outside early this morning I noticed that the light was very soft. I grabbed my 180mm macro lens, camera and tripod and photographed the trumpet vine blossoms in my back yard. The yellow purple contrast was striking to me, In order to emphasize the contrast even more I used a very narrow depth of field and in addition I spot sharpened the yellow part.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!



Milky Way over St. Catherine’s

Last night Dorothy, David and I met in Hornitos, CA to photograph the Milky Way over St. Catherine’s Church. We knew it was the end of the season and we expected some light pollution from the houses around the arae. In order to get this image I needed David’s help. He used his small flash light to light paint the church. Thank you!

Enjoy the image and keep on photographing!


I put my hand in between the light bulb and the lamp shade and photographed the shade of my hand from the outside. The lamp shade created a great texture!

Enjoy the image and keep on photographing!

Ich legte meine Hand zwischen die Glühbirne und Lampenschirm und fotografierte den Schatten meiner Hand von außen. Der Lampenschirm hat neben dem Schatten auch eine schöne Textur geschaffen!

Viel Spass beim Fotografieren!




The Theme for the coming week is “Shadows!” Six photographers will share one of their outstanding images. I am always amazed about the ideas and creativity that we all have! I am looking forward to seeing all the great images!

Das Thema für die nächste Woche ist “Schatten!” Sechs Fotografen werden ihre Ideen veröffentlichen und ich freue mich schon sehr darauf zu sehen wie die Kreativität ihren Ausdruck in den Bildern findet.


Evening in Wolfsburg

I photographed the Canal and VW factory after sunset. I created three tif bracketed files from the original raw file which I combined in post production. The I used the Topaz filter to blur the water and the clouds. Then I sharpened the trees and the factory building and finally I optimized the colors.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!


Flowers and Fisheye

I decided to dig out my fisheye lens and take it with me for my early morning walk. I found these flowers blooming in the front yard and I brought the lens less than an inch in front of the flower and opened the lens all the way to f2.8. I was curious what kind of background blur I would get.

Enjoy the image and keep on photographing!

Ich beschloss, mein Fisheye-Objektiv  auszugraben und auf meinen frühen Morgenspaziergang mitzunehmen. Ich fand diese Blumen im Vorgarten und ich brachte das objektiv weniger als drei Zeentimeter Zoll vor die Blume und öffnete die Linse den ganzen Weg bis f2.8. Ich war neugierig, welche Art von Hintergrundunschärfe ich bekommen würde.

Viel Spass mit dem Bild und beim Knipsen!