Handsome Guy

New Years Day is traditionally spent on a photoshoot with fellow photographer and very close friend Val. And while the shoot didn’t go as planned, the lunch was delicious and we explored some wonderful antique shops. We did find this interesting fellow along with equally pretty hens. I tried to research his breed, but couldn’t find anything that closely matched except that the white ear lobes seem to be more common in Mediterranean breeds. His coloring was beautiful and he made an interesting subject. He and his hens were allowed to free roam on mission property.


Redwoods National Park is famous for it’s elk herds. I didn’t have much luck seeing them until one evening when I was near the campground. There were about 10 of them some within a few feet of campsites. This was the one closest to me. I apologize for the road running through it’s head.

Der Redwoods National Park ist berühmt für seine Elchherden. Ich hatte nicht viel Glück sie zu sehen, bis ich eines Abends in der Nähe des Campingplatzes war. Es gab ungefähr zehn von ihnen, einige wenige Meter von Campingplätzen entfernt. Dies war derjenige, der mir am nächsten war. Ich entschuldige mich für die Straße durch den Kopf.