Child’s perspective 04


On one side children naturally look up in a grown-up world on the other side they are closer to the ground and sometimes they see and pickup things that we adults simply overlook. When I was actively looking for something to photograph on the ground I discovered this cigarette but that most likely by chance ended up in this small hole in the cement. In order to shoot this image I had to block off the direct sun, use an extension tube and a 2X extender on my 70-200 lens.


Child’s perspective 01

Go photograph your community through the eyes of a child. Since I uses a tripod most of the time I set my tripod to about 2.5 – 3 feet length and I walked through town and started photographing. Do this for a week and see how different your images look. In addition you may also get a better understanding how children see the world. As always. enjoy your photography!


I went to the local market and photographed this bakery stand. The camera was barely above the table and I noticed very quickly that most of my shots would be in the upward direction.

Rocks #05


When I evaluated all my rock images I saw that they had one thing in common: In all of them the rocks are connected. Therefore I decided that in my last image they should be apart meaning that our mind has the opportunity to connect them and create something new. When I tried out several compositions I suddenly saw a bird flying in my mind. The dark rocks are the wings and the lower rock on the right is the head. The bird is flying from the upper left to the lower right.

I love this image because it opens up the possibility in your mind to see something new and creative.

Have a great Friday!

Rocks #04


I just got another super wide angle lens. naturally I had to try it out and I photographed my four rocks with it. I composed the image putting the rocks into the right lower corner of the composition. Even if the rocks are only 10% of the image they still dominate it.

Enjoy and happy photographing!

Rocks #03


I changed light direction, composition and background to create this image. Since shadow cannot be seen on a black background I had to create shadows on the rocks and not on the background. I used one of the larger rocks as the place where the shadows could fall. The light source come from the right back.

Enjoy and happy creating!

Rocks #01

I would like to continue last weeks exercise with a different subject. Instead of using pieces of wood I would like to use small rocks. Pick fours small rocks and photograph them in an interesting way.


I put my four rocks in a light tent and I used a daylight light bulb to create this image. I was holding the light source very close on the left side of the rocks which created a very strong light from the left.

Enjoy and as always, have fun with this exercise.