Go walk though your town(s) and look for graffiti. You will find all kind of different “art” from gangs marking their territory to political statements expressed in graffiti. Have fun!


I photographed this graffiti in former East Germany. I think it speaks for itself!

Review 03


I believe these flowers are called fox glove. I photographed them at Gamble Garden in Palo Alto. Gamble Garden is one of my favorite place to photograph in California. They people there are always friendly and there are many opportunities to create great images.

Happy Thanksgiving and keep on photographing!

Review of the Year

It is thanksgiving week and I thought it might be appropriate to reflect on your/my images and see if we have grown in our photography. I challenge you to go through your images that pick the best five images and share them. You may email them to meĀ (


I photographed the sunset at Point Lobos in February. Point Lobos is located south of Carmel, CA. I just love this image.

Enjoy and keep on growing in your photography!