Moss Landing

These two chimneys are iconic along Highway 1 in Moss Landing, You can see them for miles (when the fog lets you). Unfortunately they may be coming down since they’re no longer needed or used. I liked how they just seem to disappear into the fog and let you guess just how tall they are.

Diese beiden Schornsteine ​​sind am Highway 1 in Moss Landing ikonisch. Sie können sie meilenweit sehen (wenn der Nebel es zulässt). Leider können sie herunterkommen, da sie nicht mehr benötigt oder verwendet werden. Mir gefiel, wie sie einfach im Nebel zu verschwinden scheinen und Sie raten lassen, wie groß sie sind.

Camping at Medeiros Campground

Medeiros is a primitive campground on the westside of the San Joaquin Valley in central California.

The camping spots are spacious, but there is no electricity or other services.

There are many different kind of birds present.

The early mornings are especially pretty. Enjoy the outdoors and observe what mother nature has to offer.

Helix pomatia

So der wissenschaftliche Name der Weinbergschnecke. Dieses Exemplar hatte sich auf einen Fußweg durch den Ilkerbruch, einem Naturschutzgebiet in unserer Nähe, verirrt. Sicherheitshalber hatte sich die Schnecke in ihr Schneckenhaus zurückgezogen. Also konnten wir nur ihr Haus fotografieren. Ist ja auch ganz schön.

This is the scientific name of the Roman snail. This specimen had strayed onto a footpath through the Ilkerbruch, a nature reserve near us. To be on the safe side, the snail had retreated into its snail shell. So we could only photograph its house. It is also quite beautiful.


With all their money from oil revenues the gulf states have managed to built shiny modern capitals full of shopping malls. What is left of the traditional arabic world is renovated beyond recognition or hidden behind closed doors. However, there is one exception: the old port of Dubai hardly never sees any tourists. Wooden ships mainly from Pakistan or Iran are loaded with the products the shiny new world has to offer. The friendliness of the sailors and dock workers makes taking portraits easy