Fall Colors 21

Photographing Fall Colors is an ongoing project of mine. Each year I try to photograph at different places and enrich my collection of Fall images. I ask you to do the same!


This year i drove to an area called Sagehen Meadows located southeast of Mono Lake. I used a 200mm focal length to photograph these trees.

Enjoy and keep on working on your portfolio!


Facade 01

I ask you to pick a special building and photograph the outside or parts of the outside. Many people refer to as the facade of the house. This is an interesting word because it basically means “face” of the house. It is what determines how the house looks like. As always have fun with this exercise!

Facade 01

I picked the Wilson-McConnell house in Columbia, CA. This house was used to create the famous western High Noon. I photographed the house early in the morning catching the sun peaking over the roof.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!