Golden Mean Fall Colors 01

Let us do last weeks exercise again with a new theme. We are living in the season of fall in the northern hemisphere so let us photograph Fall and use the Golden Mean again as our basic structure.

Golden mean template Fall colors 01

Again, the first image is the establishing shot. I picked leaves that are in the beginning of turning red and yellow.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!



Numbers 05

Numbers 05

There are photographers who enter a place, city etc. and photograph whatever catches their eyes and there are photographers who have a vision in their mind of what they want to photograph and than they start looking for it. The purpose of this exercise is to move you and me from the first to a new level. Start imaging what you want to photograph and then go for it. It will definitely make you a better photographer.

Enjoy the address number and the year number in this image! Would you have seen it?