Ground 03


One of my teaches used to say: “If you want to get inspired go into your garage. You will find all kinds of interesting subjects.” I believe the same is true in many children’s rooms. I found in my kid’s bedroom all kinds of things just laying around. I did not arrange them, I just photographed them.

Enjoy and get inspired.

Street Lamp 07


Take a good look at this image. I cropped the image by cutting off a part of each of the three globes. In addition I positioned the post and the arm right into the center of the image. How does this image make you feel. What comes to your mind when you see this image? Also, look at the light and the shadows. I photographed this image in the middle of the day. Was this a good choice?

Enjoy and always reflect on your images and ask others for their opinion!

Street Lamp 03


I could have photographed this lamp just by itself but I decided to include parts of the blooming bush. In addition I put the street lamp into the upper right corner. Both the blooming bush and positioning into the upper right corner adds to the appeal of the image.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!