RIP Hans Super

Hans Super, a not only locally famous Cologne musician and comedian passed away last Saturday, in the age of 86. He was active in Cologne Carnival for decades and became famous nearly in whole Germany mainly as one of the partners of “Colonia Duett”. His humor was crazy, but he also displayed more silent sides of his talent, especially in the last years. I’m pretty sure, he is now making heaven dance and laugh. RIP, Hans! Thx a lot!

Rainy Cologne Carnival 2021

Due to Corona last year’s Cologne Carnival happened without the usual big parade which normally attracts some 1 million spectators. There were only a view disguised and (medically) masked people around the Cathedral, like this lonely photographer, who on top had to accept the dull atmosphere of cold rain. Luckily, he was willing to act as a model instead of capturing the non-existing carnival activities.