Merced River

Although the colors were just starting to turn and the leaves still had more green than yellow, Yosemite never fails to put on a show. I was standing in the middle of the river on a sand bar. The river here is only a few inches deep. The whole area is in desperate need of water and with the forecasts showing absolutely no moisture in the near future, things are beginning to look a little bleak. Pray for rain in our future and and a stop to global warming! Have a wonderful day and stay healthy.


Üblicherweise fotografiert man ja Blüten von vorne. Aber wie man sieht, macht auch die Rückseite etwas her. Die Blätter der Knospe bilden nach dem Öffnen der Blüte eine sternförmige Struktur, die die weiß/violetten Blütenblätter abstützen. Keine schlechte Konstuktion für Herbsblüher, wie diese Anemone. Da kann der Herbstwind auch mal kräftiger blasen, ohne das etwas kaputt geht.
Usually you photograph flowers from the front. But as you can see, the backside is also very nice. After opening the bud, the leaves of the bud form a star-shaped structure that supports the white/purple petals. Not a bad construction for autumn bloomers like this anemone. The autumn wind can blow stronger without breaking anything.

Fall Color

I missed my annual trip to the high country of the Eastern Sierra Nevada this year because of the horrendous smoke from the Creek Fire which is still heavily impacting this whole area. Pictures like the one posted here would not have been possible. This was taken a few years ago. It is sad because from some of the pictures I have seen the color this year was spectacular but only if you were fairly close to your subject. Definition was lost for long rage photos due to thick smoke and haze. And the other issue was accessibility. Most areas were closed for safety and health, and one could face a hefty fine if caught in those areas in addition to being escorted out of the area. Have a wonderful day and stay safe and stay healthy!

Smoky Sunset

I went to Yosemite the other day. To say the least the air quality was poor, and once again (see my last weeks post) had an effect on my photography. This is the sun setting next to one of the Three Brothers. Taken about 4:45 in the afternoon. Even at that it was a day in Yosemite and that can’t be all bad. I also saw a bear but only had my cell phone with me. The only time during the whole day I wasn’t carrying my camera.

Ich war neulich in Yosemite. Um es gelinde auszudrücken, die Luftqualität war schlecht und wirkte sich erneut (siehe meinen Beitrag in den letzten Wochen) auf meine Fotografie aus. Dies ist der Sonnenuntergang neben einem der drei Brüder. Aufgenommen um 4:45 Uhr nachmittags. Selbst dann war es ein Tag in Yosemite und das kann nicht alles schlecht sein. Ich sah auch einen Bären, hatte aber nur mein Handy dabei. Das einzige Mal während des ganzen Tages trug ich meine Kamera nicht.