Eucalyptus Tree

I photographed this common Eucalyptus tree on a day where the clouds were moving through the area. I used a ND2000 filter at f22 which resulted in an exposure time of one minute. The long exposure time created the beautiful moving clouds and the motion blur in the leaves. The stopped down aperture created the star in the sun. At the end I converted the image to monochrome to give the picture a more dramatic effect.


Desert Garden

I photographed in a beautiful cultivated desert garden in Southern California. For me desert gardens are fantastic and I feel always drawn to them. They are quite challenging to photograph and it is no fun to slip and fall into one of these cacti, but I am always rewarded with at least one image that I like like this one.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!

By the way: Next week (April 2 – 7, 2018) we are having a special week on our photoblog:

Six photographers – Six images – One theme


Spring Time

February is in Central California the time when the trees are starting to bloom. This creates endless opportunities for great images. I used a fill in flash to illuminate the blossoms. Using a flash makes the blossoms really stand out. Most of the time I used a manual exposure setting or as an alternative one can also set the manual override to -1 in aperture priority. Then you can play with the strobe setting. I would start with +1 to compensate the -1 on the camera.

Enjoy and keep on photographing!