Tough Times

I took this photo a week before the Creek fire swept through my family’s property by Beasore meadows. Luckily, our family cabin is still standing and unharmed. I love how the tree in this image is growing through a space between the rock. It reminds that we grow and become stronger during the toughest times of our life. Here’s to hoping that those negatively impacted by the wildfires, can find strength and fortitude during these hard times. Enjoy!

Hummingbird in Flight

My grandpa admired hummingbirds and would always place feeders out by his window and watch them in the mornings. Last year he passed away and on the day of his passing, a hummingbird came to my window and hovered in the air, looking right at me for a few moments. This image reminds me of that morning and I always think of my grandpa when I see a hummingbird flutter by in the air.