Macro with Drop 01

This weeks photographic exercise is a little bit more complicated. I challenge you to go and pick a small subject. Then use a small syringe and add a drop to the scene. Use the drop as an element of design. In other words find an interesting scene and enhance it through a drop.

This is the blossom of a crape myrtle that I photographed with the help of a ring flash. You can see parts of the flash reflected in the drop.

Enjoy the image and keep on photographing!


Concert 06

Let’s continue to work on “concert” images. I hope you had the opportunity to attend a concert over the week-end. There are many local concerts playing during the summer time.

Say hi to Kurt Griffey the lead guitarist of CCR. It seems to me that he is an outstanding musician and it was certainly a lot of fun photographing him.

Enjoy the image and keep on photographing!