Still life

The previous German government has decided to stop all coal related activities. This also includes mining of brown coal in enormous open pits. In particular the mine in the Hambacher forest was controversial. To increase popularity, or decrease protests, the owner, RWE, is busy building viewing platforms and a hiking and cycling path along the rim of the mine. From the terra nove platform the visitor can meditate about the microscopic movements of the world’s biggest excavators of a weight of 13.500 tons, length 220 m and 96 m of height. Despite their sluggishness each can remove another 240.000 tons from the giant pit daily.

2 thoughts on “Still life”

  1. Tolles, wunderbar komponiertes Foto und ein bedeutsames Thema. Und gleichzeitig auch noch passend zum Thema der Woche! Klasse!

    1. Danke. Die Gegend bietet jede Menge interessante Motive. Wenn man zur richtigen Zeit da ist, kommt man halb legal sogar in die Nähe eines der Bagger

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