Rocks #01

I would like to continue last weeks exercise with a different subject. Instead of using pieces of wood I would like to use small rocks. Pick fours small rocks and photograph them in an interesting way.


I put my four rocks in a light tent and I used a daylight light bulb to create this image. I was holding the light source very close on the left side of the rocks which created a very strong light from the left.

Enjoy and as always, have fun with this exercise.

Pieces of Wood #01

This is my third exercise involving wood. This exercises require that you go out through and collect pieces of wood. You need to take them home and here you can experiment with them. I use a light tent and usually two light source to create my images.


I collected pieces of driftwood. In this image I used two pieces of driftwood. I opted for a very shallow depth of field and an even light. I also converted the image to black & white to put an emphasis on the structure of the wood.

As always, enjoy this exercise!

The Window Challenge #05


I visited downtown Merced looking for interesting windows. I came across this bar right around sunset. First I thought the tree is in the way then I decided that the tree makes the composition interesting.

Enjoy and happy Friday!

PS: I loved the tree exercises and I would like to shoot wood next week again. I started collecting driftwood while I visited a few beaches. You can also collect ordinary branches from any local park that are laying around. Please, don’t cut of break them off a tree!

The Window Challenge #04


After coming home from my trip to Northern California and Oregon I took my photographic exercise walk around my neighborhood to see if I could find some interesting windows. I saw this window and it created in me all kinds of different feelings. It is dark inside, it’s mysterious, is it an invitation to peek in? All these feelings are most likely wrong. The window lays on the second floor and the owner most likely kept it open in the morning to get some cool air in.

Also, one person stopped me and asked what I am doing? He relaxed when I told him that I lived just around the corner. September 11 changed many of us. There is a lot of fear out and I am determined that fear is not running my life!

Enjoy photographing but be careful when you walk around your neighborhood with a camera!

The Window Challenge #03


Photographing windows can be tricky, especially when the reflect things or people. I could have easily used this window to create some sort of self portrait. Instead I created a highly image with a lot of tension.  On one side your eyes are automatically drawn to the reflection and letters in the window on the other side the lines of the window frame point to the red alarm system in the upper right corner.

Enjoy and happy photographing!