Reflective Window 20

In August I had the opportunity to photograph in Berlin, Germany. On my first day I noticed the beautiful window reflections. I decided to continue to work on this exercise to grow my portfolio. You don’t have to fly around the globe but maybe you travel into your neighboring town and continue to photograph reflective windows. As always, enjoy this exercise.

Reflective windows 20

On of my first stops in Berlin was the Potsdamer Platz. Right around the corner is the the Sony building. I discovered beautiful reflections there and photographed them.


Textures 10

Textures 10a


I photographed a section of colorful straw hat and used the Topaz harsh color filter to create this texture. I also photographed parts of a cloth rack. I wanted to apply the texture only on the cloth rack and not on the background. In order to accomplish this I inverted my selection when I prepared the composition for using the Average filter. This is the image I got. Enjoy and have a great week-end!