Memories of war

In 1991 Yugoslavia fell apart in a civil war that lasted until 1995. Especially affected was the region Krajina. In 1991 Serb troops moved in and drove other ethnic minorities out. In 1995 the Croats came back and drove the Serbs out. Results were destroyed towns and abandoned villages. Sometimes new buildings of the enemy were blasted to pieces. The remainders are still widely visible almost 20 years. The castle of the town of Knin played an important role in croatian history. While the castle is beautifully restored and houses three musea, big parts of the town are still in ruins.

An old woman sells produce from the villages around Knin in the rubble of the former town center
The former hotel in the center of town

One thought on “Memories of war”

  1. Helmut, I like that you go to those places where war not too long ago happened. It takes so long to erase the signs of war and heal the wounds. I still remember all those thousands of bullet holes in buildings around the Museum Island in Berlin in the 1980s! Now, those direct signs of war are gone. Unfortunately, so is the Caf├Ę Richter in the Giesebrechtstra├če, operated by Horst Richter, who produced the largest variation in Mohnkuchen (Poppyseed Cake).

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